Melasma vs Pigmentation

Renee Lapino Skincare Clinic - Melasma vs Pigmentation - Combination Resurfacing Treatment

So confusing, right? Patients can be unsure what the brown marks on their skin actually are. In our latest Renee Lapino Skincare Clinic blog post we look at Melasma vs Pigmentation.


Melasma (or chloasma) is tricky. It’s a permanent skin condition caused by hormones. So pregnancy, birth control and even aging can stimulate the appearance of brown or tan patches on the skin.

Melasma (left) is hormone driven & Hyperpigmentation (right) caused by sun damage

Combination Resurfacing Treatment

The trouble is the sun can stimulate Melasma to come on the surface too! Then it becomes more confusing to recognise. But don’t stress – even though Melasma is permanent, we can treat it in clinic.

Our Combination Resurfacing treatment can completely eradicate the brown stains from your skin in 2-3 sessions, each 3-6 weeks apart. Then you’ll just come in for a maintenance session to keep that pigment at bay, every 6-12 months.

Combination resurfacing treatment, before (left) and after (right)

Beware of laser treatments for melasma! Just as heat from the sun causes it to surface, so does the heat from a laser. You can read more about the Combination Resurfacing on our treatment menu and see exactly what I’ve designed to make the treatment the most effective of anything available.


Sun damage sufferers – don’t feel left out. You will also get incredible results from the same treatment – you’re just extra lucky because we are treating the cells that make the pigment, so we permanently erase the sun damage, and unless you go out and get more freckles & sunspots, you won’t need maintenance pigmentation treatments!

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